Highschool Volunteer Hours

2021 weeding was done with the help of a few high school students who got a few hours toward their high school requirement. Do you have any high school students who would be interested in volunteering? Contact the School to volunteer.

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2021-2022 William Knell and Company Donates $500!

A big thank you to William Knell and Company (Knells and G&A Lock) for their two donations of $250 for 2021 and 2022. This will come in very useful in protection our tree roots during the hot summer months.

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It has been a long time since posting. We did plant graduation trees for 2019 and 2020 and installed dedication plaques. I took a scenic picture in the spring and will attached it here so you can see how beautiful Forest Hill’s back yard has become. Take care everyone!

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William Knell & Company (Knell’s and G&A Lock)

Thank you to William Knell’s & Company for their $250 donation.  G&A Lock (owned by Knell’s) is an employer of our TreeGeneration chair.  She heard they had an excellent volunteer support program in place at Knell’s and she asked if they would support our TreeGeneration.  We are looking for benches/sitting rocks to be placed in and around our trees and they generously donated to the cause.  Thank you for your support!!

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Donor Recognition Wall

Volunteer RecognitionWe have had for a few years, a donor recognition wall in a main entrance to our school. Three names were added last year for the three main volunteers who spend much time and energy working in the school yard or on the fundraising. Laurie Hunter, Melanie Bristow and Andrea Von Weyhe, who’s son graduated but she continues to be the biggest asset to our team, thank you!

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Plans for 2018

The Grade Six graduation tree was selected and planted in the fall so they could enjoy more time with their tree and see it bloom in the spring. The dedication plaque will follow after a quote is selected.

We have applied for a grant from the Grand River Conservation Authority to be able to plant a tree near the biggest ash tree that is dying on the junior side of the school. That ash tree was planted in memory of a young girl who died while a student at Forest Hill. We will put a plaque to dedicate this new tree for her since her tree will be cut down. If we don’t get the grant we will still plant a tree 🙂

The 2nd Kitchener Pathfinders group that has their meetings at Forest Hill has been given a Canadian Girls Guides environment grant of $500 and they are planting a tree at Forest Hill! Thank you to Pathfinder leader Fiona McAlister and her Pathfinders for thinking of us for this wonderful opportunity.

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Graduation Way – Starting 2017

2017 TREE

Late night installing the post with the plaque.  The grade six class picked out a paragraph from Dr.Seuss.

Late night installing the post with the plaque. The grade six class picked out a paragraph from Dr.Seuss.








One of our plans for the TreeGeneration is to start Graduation Way. Every year, we will meet with the grade sixes and present a choice of 3 trees that are compatible with the soil condition along the new pathway and they will talk about, debate and vote on the tree they want to represent their graduating class. Ideally we would normally start this process in the fall, plant the tree, have the students as part of all steps including caring for the tree and then in June there would be a ceremony dedicating that tree as their “Graduation Tree”. A memory that will live on far into the future and hopefully foster a stewardship for nature. This year, since we are starting late, we will speed up the process but there will be a “Graduation Tree”.


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Stoneybrook Pathway

Thank you Mr. Berndt for helping to make this happen!  TreeGen paid $3000 toward this path even though it's not a tree.  We needed a path for our Graduation Way!

Thank you Mr. Berndt for helping to make this happen! TreeGen paid $3000 toward this path even though it’s not a tree. We needed a path for our Graduation Way!

We have been approved by the city to start the path on their property. Thank you to Rob Seeley from the WRDSB for arranging for the company who will do the work. Construction should begin shortly, so hopefully this fall, winter and spring the walk to school will be a lot less muddy. Proceeds from the School Council, the school budget and the TreeGeneration will pay for this path. We could not do it without the support of our Forest Hill Families during fundraisers.

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Summer 2016

I have been neglectful in regularly posting on our website.  A lot has changed since I posted last.  I have a few updated photos and will post more soon.  We have raised enough funds to plant 5 more trees around the primary climber, build the leaning grounds with 7 more trees and with the help of the school and parent council, we have a really cool Junior climber with a tree theme.  The back of the school looks amazing!  The shady places are growing along with many more fun things to do as well.  I have watched the children practicing their “parkour” skills on the stones in the outdoor classroom and on the learning grounds, running and vaulting over logs and stones.  The  next item on our list of wants/needs is a pathway from Stoneybrook to the back of the school.  The ground gets very muddy and difficult to travel on in the spring and fall.  Between the school, parent council and TreeGen fundraising we will be having a paved path installed, hopefully this summer.  After that is installed then more trees and sitting rocks will be our next project.

DSC_0059 DSC_0058 DSC_0055 DSC_0054

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Third Annual Rain Barrel Sale

Forest Hill’s TreeGeneration 3rd Annual Rain Barrel Sale

Up to 75% below Retail!

Rain Barrels $50    Downspout Diverters $25

Barrel Stands $30        Railing Flower Pots $20

Rain barrels available in grey, terracotta & black.

Taxes Included!

Guaranteed availability only when ordered in advance

Order online at www.RainBarrel.ca/fhtreegen

Or Call Laurie Hunter 519-742-3401

Order NOW and pick up:

Saturday April 25, 2015 | 9am -1pm Forest Hill Public School

255 Westmount Rd. E., Kitchener, ON, N2M 4Z2

905.545.5577 | Info@RainBarrel.ca

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