Newsletter #3-September 2011

Newsletter #3
September 2011

Forest Hill Public School sure has changed in the last six months. The front walkway leads to new doors, some old trees gone but new ones to replace them. The old port-a-pack is gone and brand new kindergarten classrooms are in its place. Some new asphalt and grass on the primary side with the 50th anniversary tree and the memorial tree relocated with loving care. It seems to show that Forest Hill is undergoing a renewal. Seemingly like a small butterfly starting to emerge from its chrysalis with so much more to come.

For those of you who are new to Forest Hill you may be learning for the first time that there is a greening committee made up of parents, teachers and staff. We officially started to meet last year and began the process of learning what we needed to do to make a plan, raise the funds and realize the dream. We were told to dream big and then start small. In our minds is a forest like atmosphere with winding pathways, sitting rocks and benches under a green canopy that creates a cool, shady place to play or sit. We dream of parents waiting for their children in the shade talking to each other and creating an even better community. We dream of children playing on the climber but protected from the sun’s harmful rays and keeping cool on hot, sunny days.

We made a plan for phase one consisting of trees around the climber to provide shade on the primary side of the school. We got quotes for the cost of trees and rocks and mulch. We started fundraising. We had garage sale tables at Victoria Hills Community Centre in March ($345.00) and May ($509). We had a fundraiser selling spring bulbs ($1742) and we were granted $4000 by TD-Friends of the Environment and $1000 by Metro Green Apple School Program.

Our phase one plans have changed due to future renewal projects but we are flexible and will move to a different part of our big dream and start there. On October 15, 2011 two 100 mm Celebration Maple trees will be planted close to the climber and six other trees will also be placed in a semi-circle at the end of the Kindergarten wing. Two rocks each will be placed by the anniversary tree and the memorial tree, to protect them from snow pile in the winter.

A ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration will start at 3pm and we hope you will come out and live the dream as it starts to come true. It will also help us show our appreciation to TD-FEF and Metro- Green Apple for their generosity.

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