Cross your fingers that Tom can get the rocks here Friday after school or Saturday. With all the rain, it wasn’t only our job that got put off, so now he’s busy. As soon as the rocks are placed we can arrange something with the teachers to get kids out for photos and thank-yous. Maybe have signs and banners so I can get the pictures and the final report to Td and Metro. We thought that until we can do a TreeGeneration donor recognition wall we would post thank yous and pictures of phase one in a poster size frame(plastic is safer) and put it up by the Eco Wall. There are existing holes we could use that are up high enough.

It has been as tough haul to get this far and I really appreciate all the work and dedication that has been put into this first phase of TreeGeneration plans for Forest Hill. Some disillusionment and frustration has put some people off but I know you must feel some real pride at being a big part of having those trees planted in the field.

If you haven’t been too involved with this phase don’t be put off. We knew nothing before! Now we are much more knowledgeable and will plan for these things in advance. Since we can’t do anything close to the school we want to plan the big plan, get the kids input, have it drawn up professionally and then, when we know we will be able to go ahead without waiting for construction, we will apply for big grants and enter contests to win lots of grant money that is out there waiting!!!

Dream BIG, that’s still what I’m doing. I hope some of you are still hitching a ride on my cloud.

We can still do our fundraising and awareness raising this year. Garage sales?! Start thinking about and putting stuff aside. Christy was our captain for this but she will have a new baby so she may be a bit busy to spearhead this again next spring. I’m sure she will share her skills with us 🙂 Also, the Vessey’s bulbs raised a lot of money but the feedback I’m getting on results were not that great. I’m not sure if things did not grow well due to all the extra rain last spring but I am going to look into a different company for next spring.

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