Merry Christmas!

It seems like the weather is always against us whenever we plan an event for the Forest Hill’s TreeGeneration! It has been a long and drawn out process to get everything completed for the first project. We kept planning a celebration but kept getting rain on the days we planned. Finally we decided to at least get some kids and our families together to get a thank you photo done so we can get our recognition wall up for all to see. The signs were made and what happens, it pours! We did not cancel though and took the picture inside. We are still very grateful to TD-FEF and METRO for their support of our project and hope to convey that to them. We have had some issues because we were new at this and did not know every step and so are still trying to finalize the financial and tax receipt issues. I am posting the picture of our trees and rocks that have been taken since. With all the rain we have discovered a river flows through our sitting area so wood chips are a definate must for spring. and also we need to look at fixing some high spots that prevent the water from flowing to the storm drain.

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