Meeting Minutes- March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012

Meeting Notes

Laurie Hunter, Melanie Bristow, Andrea VonWeyHe


Bank Balance: $4904.04

– $496.18 received via an HST Rebate that Sharon Watson submitted on our behalf


What are our plans for 2012?

1)      How much is construction going to hamper what we can
do?-We may still have one year of construction so we are limited in what we can plan
for close to the school

-The bus turn around may change again so any plans along the side will have to wait.

-The board is planting 12 trees to replace 6 cut down last year.  These will be mainly by the basketball nets on the junior side.  We are thinkingabout putting in an outdoor class seating/ half circle near these trees to utilyze the small hill.

2)      Where can we plant this year?

We want to plan a couple of groves of trees on the far side of the soccer fields.  The sun comes from that direction so these trees will provide shade for resting players or people
watching.  Some seating rocks or benches would be great there too.

3)  Fundraising? Garage Sale?

-We have decided not to take part in the garage sale this year but next March we
will fully take advantage of the Victoria Hills community centre garage sale
event and will solicit donations from community members for sale items.  We raised over $800 in 2011.

-we will apply for some smaller grants this spring but plan to apply for bigger grants when we have no construction restraints and an official drawing done.

4)  Do we want to have a full plan drawn up?

-Although we want  a more professional type of drawing of our plans done by a college student, due to construction issues we are leary of spending the money to have a drawing done up.  We could spend that money on another tree instead.

-we are trying to get a volunteer to draw a more accurate picture

5) Volunteer Drive

-Laurie to write up a volunteer flyer to go home this month. Looking for volunteers for
helping to water in the spring and summer months as well as some people to come
out with a variety of skills.

6)Wood chips ok’d for around the climber area. This area gets very muddy in spring and
fall so we are putting school grade wood chips.  Also with the two new trees that are being
planted by the board at the corner of the climber and the asphalt we will fill this area with wood chips to help deal with the water that usually accumulates there.

7) Other ideas

– log trail,  pvc pipe pillars,  benches

8) Future endeavors

*possible Solar panels on the school roof? There are grants out there for this kind of project and Melanie’s husband Jarrett installs them at work so we can get free labour! Find out how the WRDSB feels about this.

Watering Plan

Laurie and Andrea have volunteered to water the trees weekly if insufficient rain and a summer schedule will be drawn up after we have sent out the flyer asking for volunteers.  We have buckets in place but will need 12 more for the newest trees.  We have purchased a 50 foot hose will fill buckets and walk them to the trees to water.  There are 3 outside faucets that work with a special key, one at the front of the school behind the bushes close to the junior end of the school and one on either side of the kindergarten wing.

5 trees in front, 8 trees from fall 2011, 12 trees from spring 2012

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