Outdoor Learning Grounds Project

Our committee has join forces with WRDSB and Forest Hill staff to create an outdoor natural learning grounds. Designed with early learning in mind, its’s an integrated outdoor play and learning environment where students learn by doing, experimenting and observing.  Teachers and students will be able to enjoy diverse and stimulating outdoor play opportunities.  The space will include a combination of trees and shaded seating, a pathway, a no mow area, a play deck, a sand area, a bridge, a natural climbing components utilizing a berm and logs, and play posts.  While the focus is on Kindergarten students, all students in the school will benefit from the space.  Being part of a pilot program our teachers will help teachers from other schools in the Board, learn how  outdoor play will expand the learning experience.  There will be positive impacts on health as children will be more engaged with their space, increasing their level of physical activity.  Shade trees will also benefit students whether they are active or passive in the space.

Unfortunately, I can’t post the original drawing or the updated computerized version until I learn how to copy a PDF file.


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