Summer 2016

I have been neglectful in regularly posting on our website.  A lot has changed since I posted last.  I have a few updated photos and will post more soon.  We have raised enough funds to plant 5 more trees around the primary climber, build the leaning grounds with 7 more trees and with the help of the school and parent council, we have a really cool Junior climber with a tree theme.  The back of the school looks amazing!  The shady places are growing along with many more fun things to do as well.  I have watched the children practicing their “parkour” skills on the stones in the outdoor classroom and on the learning grounds, running and vaulting over logs and stones.  The  next item on our list of wants/needs is a pathway from Stoneybrook to the back of the school.  The ground gets very muddy and difficult to travel on in the spring and fall.  Between the school, parent council and TreeGen fundraising we will be having a paved path installed, hopefully this summer.  After that is installed then more trees and sitting rocks will be our next project.

DSC_0059 DSC_0058 DSC_0055 DSC_0054

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