Plans for 2018

The Grade Six graduation tree was selected and planted in the fall so they could enjoy more time with their tree and see it bloom in the spring. The dedication plaque will follow after a quote is selected.

We have applied for a grant from the Grand River Conservation Authority to be able to plant a tree near the biggest ash tree that is dying on the junior side of the school. That ash tree was planted in memory of a young girl who died while a student at Forest Hill. We will put a plaque to dedicate this new tree for her since her tree will be cut down. If we don’t get the grant we will still plant a tree 🙂

The 2nd Kitchener Pathfinders group that has their meetings at Forest Hill has been given a Canadian Girls Guides environment grant of $500 and they are planting a tree at Forest Hill! Thank you to Pathfinder leader Fiona McAlister and her Pathfinders for thinking of us for this wonderful opportunity.

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