Remember when Forest Hill School looked like this? 2011

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Thank you Grand River Conservation Foundation

424 426 428431Grand River Conservation Foundation has granted Forest Hill’s TreeGeneration $250 toward our Five Trees Around the Climbers.  The trees, border and mulch have been completed and already the shade of these five trees makes a great difference on our school yard.

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Thank you TD – Friends of the Environment

What a wonderful organization TD-FEF is to support our new outdoor learning grounds project with a $5000 grant! I am going to sign up for monthly donations to help support this great organization and all the green and environmental projects!

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Thank You Rotary Club Kitchener Grand River for your support of our new outdoor learning grounds project!

The Rotary Club of Kitchener Grand River has granted up $1500 for our outdoor learning grounds! Thanks to this great organization for their support!

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Rain Barrel Blitz Day

A long wait for arrival on Friday afternoon and evening but finally they arrived and got unloaded. The Forest Hill’s TreeGeneration’s second annual rain barrel sale raised about $740 (74 barrels x $10)
Thank you to Hunter family, Heuval family, VonWeyhe family, Griffin family, Bristow family, Peter, Melissa, Rebecca, Erin, Kristy, and Kira for being part of this effort to raise money for our new Outdoor Learning Grounds! I can’t do any of these things without the wonderful volunteers!

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Rain Barrel Blitz-April 26

Order yours by April 22 for pick up on Blitz Day


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Thank you-Waterloo Region Community Environmental Fund

Wow! A generous donation towards our Phase 5 plans.  $3000 to help pay for the trees, mulch and protective fencing! Thank you so much for your consideration and approval of the Community Environmental Fund for Forest Hill’s TreeGeneration!

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Phase 5 – Trees around the climber

Forest Hill’s TreeGeneration committee members started the plans for this phase before we began to help with the learning grounds project.  Our main goal, as always is to create a “cool” and shady place to play and learn while at school.

We have six ash trees that, while they are not showing signs of emerald ash borer, they will in all likelihood die within a few years.  So we are adding five more trees around the climber to add shade in the hopes that the new trees will grow quite a bit before the other trees are gone.

Three more trees on the bench side of the climber and two more trees on the side closer to the asphalt.

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Rain Barrel Blitz – April 26

April 26 is the Blitz day, where everyone who pre-orders their rain barrels and accessories come to Forest Hill Public School to pick up their orders.

Very passionate about storm water management and re-routing rain water to better places, committee members urge you to consider purchasing a rain barrel or a rain diverter to direct rain away from the storm drains.  Help prevent rain water from taking heat and pollutants into the creeks, ponds and lakes.  Divert rain water to top up your pool or hot tub.  Use rain water for washing your car (while parked on the grass), wash your gardening tools or driveway, water your trees and plants.  Prevent flooding and soil erosion.  And in some cities, save money on your water bill 🙂



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Vesey’s Bulb Fundraiser

A very cold start to spring but flowers were on our minds while deciding what to order from the Vesey’s Bulb fundraiser.  Thank you to all who found friends and family to order and thank you to all of those who ordered bulbs for their own gardens.  May 24 is coming….in two months!  A little over $1700 was raised towards the Outdoor Learning Grounds Project!

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